​Mt Owen Complex currently owns or manage approximately 8000 hectares of land, including land within the Mt Owen, Ravensworth East and Glendell mining areas. Non-mining areas are currently used for either agistment grazing or nature conservation.

A comprehensive Biodiversity and Land Management Plan is in place, which applies to landholdings within the Mt Owen Complex.

The overall objective of the Plan is to co-ordinate land and biodiversity management practices across Mt Owen, Ravensworth East and Glendell to provide for integrated and sustainable use of both mining and non-mining landholdings.

The objectives for land management at the Mt Owen Complex are based on sound land management principles, such as erosion prevention, pasture diversity, careful grazing management, and noxious weed and feral animal control. Natural regeneration is promoted where practical to enhance biodiversity and landscape amenity.

Mt Owen Complex currently implements bushfire management controls such as maintaining fire breaks, fuel reduction, maintaining access in the event of fire and provision of fire fighting equipment.