​A freecall 24-hour 1800 Community Response Line (1800 730 883) and professional answering service is in place for community inquiries or complaints relating to the Mt Owen Complex.

All community inquiries or complaints made via the 1800 number are directed to a commercial call centre. The call centre operator will prompt the caller to supply contact details and key information in relation to the complaint and relay these details to the Mine. A member of the Mt Owen Complex Environment & Community Team will contact the complainant as soon as practicable to discuss the complaint and for providing feedback to the complainant on the outcome of any investigation.

Landowners or occupiers of any residence within 3km of the Mt Owen Project area are also entitled to be notified about the blasting schedule at the Mine. If you reside within 3km of the Project area and wish to be notified of the blasting schedule, or if you are unsure of your eligibility for notification, please contact the Mine.