​Mt Owen/Glendell Operations recognises its importance to the local community in which it operates. Accordingly, it is the policy of Mt Owen/Glendell Operations to provide community support in the form of cash donations, sponsorship, and in-kind support for a range of community, educational and environmental initiatives. Funds are allocated annually for such initiatives.

As a significant landholder within the Glennies Creek, Bowmans Creek and wider Hunter Catchment, Mt Owen/Glendell Operations has an ongoing interest in the health and sustainability of the catchment. To this end, Mt Owen/Glendell Operations actively seeks to support local regeneration and other environmental enhancement projects. In addition to providing significant environmental benefits, support for these projects provides potential benefits to the wider community in the form of employment, skills training, improved amenity and recreational opportunities.

Mt Owen/Glendell Operations is also very supportive of educational and research initiatives that enhance student learning and provides opportunities for skills development. This is demonstrated through our enhancement programme for the Mt Pleasant School and commitment to on-going research programs at the Operations in partnership with the University of Newcastle. Mt Owen/Glendell Operations also provides regular presentations and mine tours and participates in interactive discussion sessions with teachers, pupils and university students.

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