‚ÄčCommunity Investment

Glencore is committed to delivering positive and lasting social and economic benefits in the regions where we operate.

We support a comprehensive Community Investment program, supporting a range of organisations delivering services and initiatives in key investment areas of:

  • Health
  • Environment
  • Capacity building, including education/training, enterprise development and economic diversity
  • Additional needs identified in community planning at a local or regional level.

Our community partnerships include:

  • Singleton and Wollondilly Primary School Information Technology program
  • University of Newcastle and University of Queensland scholarships
  • John Hunter Children's Hospital Neonatal Unit
  • John Hunter Trauma Unit
  • Star Struck
  • Hunter Valley Training Company
  • Queensland Sea Rangers program
  • Queensland Art Gallery
  • Mudgee Links Program
  • Mudgee 4 Doctors program
  • Galuwa Scholarships

The Mt Owen Complex is committed to on-going open and honest communication with the local community and other stakeholders. The Mt Owen Complex actively seeks to engage and consult the community to provide information relating to the environmental, social and operational performance of the mines and enable the community to provide feedback. Members of the local community are encouraged to contact The Mt Owen Complex via our 24-hour Community Response Line to raise any concerns they may have.

The Mt Owen Complex strives to provide accurate and informative information to all stakeholders. Various strategies are employed to facilitate effective stakeholder communications, including community meetings, distribution of community newsletters, one on one meetings and community information days.

Mt Owen's broad community programme, which includes donations, sponsorship and in-kind assistance for a range of environmental, community and educational initiatives, demonstrates our on-going support for the local community.


Sustainable development at Mt Owen Complex

Health and safety

Ambitions: Our workplaces are injury and fatality free; No new occupational illnesses resulting from current work conditions; our people take responsibility for their personal health and safety and that of others and our business is designed and operates in an intrinsically safe way.

Our environment

Ambitions: Our key environmental hazards and risks are eliminated or treated; we minimise out environmental footprint for operations and conserve scarce natural resources; we support sustainable final land use; we proactively engage, participate, manage and invest to address climate change. 

Our community and society

Ambitions: Our social impacts of our activities are optimised; we add value to the communities in which we operate; we undertake respectful and genuine engagement with our communities; we recognise significant public health risks and investigate programs to reduce and manage the impact

Our people

Ambitions:  We are recognised for our leadership in health, safety, environmental management and community support. Our management culture actively supports the business in meeting its sustainability objectives; we recognise and promote individual success in the areas of sustainability; we value diversity and treat our people and stakeholders fairly.