‚ÄčIn late 2004 the Mt Owen, Ravensworth East and Glendell Community Consultative Committees (CCC's) amalgamated to form Mt Owen/Glendell Operations CCC. The amalgamated CCC is comprised of community representatives, mine representatives, and representatives from Singleton Council. A Councillor from Singleton Council chairs meetings. Government representatives periodically attend meetings.

The CCC enhances the relationship with the community by providing a formal forum for interaction between the community and mine management. The community representatives share information from meetings with the wider community and bring back items for discussion at the CCC meetings. The CCC reviews and provides advice on the environmental performance of the development, including any construction or environmental management plans, monitoring results, audit reports, or complaints.

The CCC is required to meet quarterly. Minutes are prepared for each meeting and distributed to all CCC members for comment prior to finalising. Minutes are then forwarded to the Director-General of the Department of Planning (DOP) within a month of the Committee meeting. All action items arising from the meeting are recorded so that progress against these actions can be closely monitored at future meetings.

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