​Glendell was granted DA 80/952 by the then Minister for Planning and Environment on 2 May 1983 whilst under the joint venture ownership of Renison Goldfields Limited and Dalgety Australia Ltd.

In 1997, DA 80/952 was modified to enable the extraction of coal from an undeveloped coal reserve of 3.6 Mtpa of ROM coal via open cut methods, and the construction of ancillary infrastructure including a CHPP and Mt Owen rail loop. The modification also allowed for the integration of the management of Glendell Mine into the Mt Owen Complex.

DA 80/952 was modified under section 75W of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EPA Act) on 25 February 2008. This modification is supported by Environmental Assessment for the Modification of Glendell Mine Operations (Umwelt, 2007) (Glendell EA) and permits mining operations to take place until the end of June 2024. This Modification generally permitted the following changes to operations and infrastructure at Glendell:

  • An extraction of up to 4.5 Mtpa ROM Coal;
  • Utilising existing and approved Mt Owen Complex services and infrastructure;
  • Relocation of mine infrastructure area and access road;
  • An extension of the mining lease out to 2024; and
  • Mining in a general north to south direction.

Glendell operates under the management of Glendell Tenements Pty Limited. Construction activities commenced in April 2008 with the first coal extracted at Glendell in June 2008.

Modification 3 of Glendell's DA 80/952 was approved in late 2016 which allowed for the relocation of a 2.7km section of the 132kV powerlines further to the west of their current position to allow for the continuation of mining in the Barrett Pit.

Modification 4 of Glendell's DA 80/952 was approved on the 4th of March 2020. This is a small variance along the western boundary allowing access to an additional ~1.97 Mt ROM and the construction of a haul Road along the western boundary.